Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Damn dinosaurs

Iguanadon, Ambeosaur, Plateosaur, Stegosaur, Tyrannosaur, Ultrasaur, Velociraptor.

Yes, they're all types of dinosaur. Everyone who wrote the June 2009 LSAT knows that little tidbit of information. But for those who didn't indulge such self-torture, let me back up a little.

The LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is a horrid, evil test of 100 multiple choice questions that test logical and analytical reasoning and reading comprehension. The worst thing about the test is the time constraints so preparation is key in order to anticipate the kinds of questions that are posed.

I spent many hours preparing for the LSAT, sacrificing many Coronation Street marathons on a Sunday morning to sit like a geek in the local Starbucks furiously 'bubbling' my answers in LSAT practice books. I knew that the hardest part for me would be the logic games section - so I practiced a lot, and diagrammed a million silly logic games. In the end I actually felt pretty confident going in to the test that I could take on just about anything in that section.

So, along came the day of the LSAT and the damn infamous dino question with it's obscure dinosaur types and the even more obscure possibility that any of them could be mauve. My palms started sweating as I realized the seconds (and minutes) were ticking by, and I was completely stumped. I ruled out the answers I could and then 'strategically' (randomly) guessed E on the rest of the questions in the game. I still had a couple of sections to go and mentally I had taken a hit. Ugh. Damn bloody dinosaurs.

For weeks after the LSAT I kid you not, I was haunted by dinosaurs. They were everywhere I looked. We took a family trip to a local zoo/park thing and there were statues of dinosaurs everywhere. (See pic of me strangling one of these statues!) I bought a bed for my little guy and guess what colorful creatures patterned the mattress? Yup, dinosaurs. They were everywhere. I tried to forget about the test results for the torturous 4 weeks afterwards, but dinosuars kept popping up and reminding me about that awful question, which I figured was the question to end my law school dream.

Anyway, it turned out the dinos weren't big or scary enough to trample my dream. My LSAT score came back and it was worth celebrating. It was definetly good enough to apply to school with and I did. I will never go back and try that question again, I'm not even sure I could tackle a simple logic game these days, but at least I don't have nightmares about dinosaurs anymore.

My little guy was the cutest dinosaur for halloween last year. I even bought him the costume.

Dinosaurs: 0 Me: 1

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  1. I just have to say I *love* dinosaurs. Hope you can enjoy them again some day.