Saturday, July 17, 2010

Like a kid in a candy store...

I love Saturday adventures with my kid, and today we stumbled upon a particularly gorgeous little place.

This Saturday we took a detour on a drive from Port Huron to Detroit and ended up in Marine City, Michigan.

Marine City is a quaint and charming little place with darling antique stores lining a waterfront main street. Amongst the antique and craft stores nestles The Sweet Tooth of Marine City, a delectable candy store. The owner, Todd, remembers kid's names and seems to treat them like his most important customers; something as a mom, I think is a smart and savvy move. Moreover it's not fake or creepy, which is probably hard to do, and likely means he's being a genuinely nice guy.

The store is bright and delightfully decorated without being overstimulating, and hidden in the back is an amazing candy-themed party room for lucky birthday boys and girls. The owner serves his stream of customers generous scoops of fresh ice cream and hand made chocolate treats with a contagious sense of enthusiasm. The colourful rows of candy dispensers and lollipop bouquets can take even the most jaded grown-up back to a place of giddy gumball memories.
We left with watermelon lollipops and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate Rice Krispie treats to share with some friends. We will be back for sure to try The Sweet Tooth ice-cream. If you ever find yourself in Marine City, Michigan, make a point of checking this place out. I guarantee you will leave with treats and smiles for everyone.

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