Friday, March 25, 2011

Say No to Fat Talk!

I'm not cool with 'Fat Talk'.

So when I saw this post on the About-Face blog about the Australian Cosmopolitan campaign to shut Fat Talk up, I was all ears.

Now, About-Face has a point in this article. What business does Cosmo have preaching to young women about their body image? Indeed, are they not part of the problem? The main culprits? The reason that women think they should be taller, thinner, more toned, more tanned, more...perfect?

I think they should probably shoulder some of the responsibility for sure - after all, they sell an image of perfection and try their hardest to convince us we need the over-priced clothes, products and procedures to achieve that perfection.

Is the Cosmo campaign hugely ironic and hypocritical or should we give them kudos for taking a baby step in the right direction? I'm and eternal optimist, so I think I'm going with the latter.

I won't listen to Fat Talk, and I think this is a great campaign. I think we could use this over here, in North America. Cosmo - are you listening?

So girls, just to clarify...I don't care how many calories or grams of fat were in your lunch. I care less about how many pounds you've lost this week or month or since your last 'weigh-in'. I tune out when you tell me about your (normal) cellulite, or your (imaginary) love handles or your (exaggerated) four-chins. I don't think you butt/thighs/tummy/arms or face look fat in what you're wearing, and I sure as hell don't want a piece of your celery/carrot/cardboard-flavour, low-fat cereal bar. I don't do Fat Talk. And for the record, I don't think having cake/dessert/chocolate is naughty/bad/sinful.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about 'healthy' talk. Tell me about your running class, or your soccer team, or even what you saw on TMZ while you were on the treadmill. Give me a great new recipe for the whole family, full of veggies and good stuff, but for the last time I don't want a piece of your Fagel (fake-bagel) and I'm not going to tell you how great and skinny you look, because you probably looked pretty great before.

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  1. Couldn't agree more...although I fear that Cosmo, like Dove (self esteem campaign) are more than part of the problem...but baby steps come before gigantic leaps in the right direction, so watching the cosmo space will promise as always a taste of the full fat and satisfying PUDDING :D