Sunday, April 10, 2011

The best thing I saw online...this whole weekend

As you may have figured out, I'm not a huge fan of the general Disney 'message'.

You know, the girls waiting patiently for their Princes and all that jazz. I think kids can still be told a nice make-believe, fairy tale story without all the bologna that makes Disney movies, well...Disney movies.

Take 'The Little Mermaid' for example. Ariel gives up her voice so she can have some nice long skinny legs instead, so that the handsome dude she's only ever seen from afar will notice her and fall in love with her, completing her life completely. Yeah, that's a great message there for girls.

Anyway, I came across this AMAZING article today...

What Cosmopolitan might look like if it was written by Disney Princesses. Totally the best thing I've seen online all weekend.


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