Friday, May 13, 2011

Beauty Pageants and Botox

It's hard for me to watch this video. An 8 year old girl and her mother discuss how the 'harsh demands' of the beauty pageant world have led to them using Botox injections to reduce the girl's wrinkles.

It's a tough watch.

This poor little brainwashed 8 year old says that after her "mom" injects the Botox into her head that she feels "beautiful...pretty...and all those nice words."

This breaks my heart.

It's tough for me to comment on this, without unleashing a world of anger on the woman in that video who calls herself a "mom". It's anger tinged with pity. The mother needs help; therapy, an intervention. She is clearly so deluded and addicted to the pageant life, that she is willing to buy drugs from an underground 'Doctor' and inject them herself into her 8 year old daughter's face.

I hope the mother gets investigated. I hope the Doctor supplying this drug to child beauty pageant participants loses his licence, and more than anything, I hope that against all the odds stacked against her, that the little 8 year old girl manages somehow to grow up into a strong, productive, healthy young woman. She's been objectified, sexualized and violated, by her own family; paraded, judged, and criticized by panels of strangers based on her appearance. How can she possibly emerge unscathed? How can she possibly not grow up with an unhealthy focus on constantly appearing perfect? Will she ever feel naturally good enough? Will she ever feel as though she has an assured place in the world, regardless of what she looks like?

This story isn't cute, it isn't funny, and it isn't 'what all the moms are doing'. It's an example of a heinous act of abuse. An abuse of power and an abuse of trust. This story, this video, is why we HAVE to change how we as a society are treating young girls, how we allow them to be treated and depicted and how we ignore and minimize the consequences. Is it time to stand up yet?


  1. Wow...I can't believe that woman gets to even have a child in the first place! What a life...pageants and botox. Poor girl. I hope the mother is being investigated and charged.

  2. I was shocked by this one too: