Monday, May 16, 2011

My Vacation-Inspired Top 5 British Foods

So, I'm off on vacation in just a few short sleeps, and I'm very, very excited. I'm heading to England and Scotland with my boys, for an awesome road trip adventure - and it's going to be great. We're going to visit friends and family, visit some brilliant museums and attractions and create some fabulous memories! But, there's one other thing that Blighty has that has me giddy, and that's food. British food.

For my last post before my trip, here are my Top 5 British foods, that I'm going to gorge on in unhealthy amounts during my trip, and hopefully smuggle back in shocking quantities on my return!

5. Butteries - Yes, the Aberdeen Roll. I'm going to get to a bakery
stat as soon as we reach our Scottish destination, and grab a bag of butteries for breakfast. With plenty of butter and a smothering of jam, I can almost taste the crumbly goodness already. Mmmmm, delish.

4. Cornish Pasties - Oggy, oggy, oggy. Oi, oi, oi. Cornish Pasties aren't just found in Cornwall. I'm excited for me and the boys to lunch on these little gems a few times on this trip. They're cheap, easy and filling, and even have veggies in them to boot. There's loads of different kinds...even chicken tikka...I can't wait. Amazing!

3. Battered Sausage and Chips - Not a dish requiring much explanation.
Pork sausage dipped in batter and fried, served up with a nice greasy helping of chips. It's not healthy, and it's not fine dining, but it's divine, and I haven't had one in years, so it's on the list. (And yes, pass the brown sauce please!)

2. Crisps - My very Canadian son thinks it's hilarious that 'chips' are called crisps in the UK. And fries are called chips. Anyway, whatever they're called, the UK has the edge on flavours. My personal favorites are Prawn Cocktail Skips, Pickled Onion Monster Munch, and Cheesy Wotsits. I also can scarf down a bag of Cheese and Onion walkers like nobody's business, and I'm sure I'll get my hands on a bag or two of Bacon Fries. Needless to say I'm excited about the bags of crisps. I'll plan on bringing a bunch home, but I'll tell you right now, they'll all be gone before we've reached altitude.

1. British Sweets - Unfortunately, I don't think I'm going to
be a very good role model to the kid on this vacation. Maybe I'll just buy the sweets on the sly and scoff them all after he's gone to bed. thing I know for sure, is that I'll be stocking up on Double Deckers, Twirls, Revels, Galaxy bars and Minstrels not long after landing at Heathrow. I'm sure the sugar high will help with the jet lag anyway.

So there we have it. My Top 5 foods that I'm excited to get my hands on and teeth into on our vacation. Not very nutritious, I concede. OK, mostly not nutritious at all, but like I said, I've been deprived for a long time, so I'm going wild.

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  1. Nice! I love your list...
    Here's mine;
    5. sweets.. just like yours
    4. snacks(or crisp just like yours too). Specially the twiglets. A friend of mine said I can make a remake of that by using raw spaghetti and a Marmite.
    3. Cheesy Sussex potatoes and Poached eggs
    2. Different side dishes
    1. Roast beef or lamb

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