Saturday, August 13, 2011

A J Crew Moment

I woke up feeling rotten this morning. Head-cold rotten. Like something had sneaked up on me in the middle of the night and poured a bucket of warm snot into my head through my ears. So, I stayed in my pyjamas with the kid and we did nothing for most of the day. I let him play way too many computer games, and we watched Penguins of Madagascar re-runs and ate blueberries and oranges. Aside from the feeling like crap, it was actually a super-fun day.

Snuggled on the sofa, feeling guilty for being so ridiculously lazy and weak, I decided to grab a bottle of nail polish and do my nails. While I was scrubbing off the chipped and icky 3-week old stuff from my nails (so classy, I know), the boy, out of the blue, asked if he can have some polish on his nails.

Well, sure thing kiddo I thought and the boy got a coat of the pink stuff. And goodness gracious, was he ever fussy about it too. We had Q-Tips out to perfect the edges and everything. He sat with his hands held up for about 10 minutes, blowing gently on his colorful little nails. He even suggested that next time, we do a 'pattern' of alternating colors. ; )

When my husband got home from work, the kid showed him his nails and asked him if he wanted to play pirates and have a sword fight. "Nice nails, dude" he said and off they went to pretend fight about nothing with plastic cutlasses.

I heart my boys. Nail polish, swords and all.

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  1. Cute story!...except for the part about warm snot poured into your head from your ears! Ick! I never want a head cold ever again!