Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another Revenge of the T-Shirt!

Back in June, I blogged about a couple of T-shirts I had seen. The Revenge of the T-Shirt as I called it. Well, apparently I had not seen a real T-shirt battle yet...and now, well now I have, and this is how a real T-shirt battle goes down with style.

First of all, you need a big US retail chain fashion buyer (cough, cough, that's you JC Penney) to select a horrendously sexist t-shirt for girls, that completely sells girls out, puts them down, and reinforces the old-stereotype that girls can either be smart of pretty, but never, ever both.

Then you need a whole bunch of angry parents, activists, advocates and generally awesome humans to do the online yelling thing - where they post petitions and bombard JC Penney with messages that this is not the clothing that consumers want for their daughters.

After this succeeds and the big chain pulls the T-shirt (and presumably fires the buyer who thought it was a good idea), you need someone to think up an awesome catchphrase, design an eye-catching and quite honestly ADORABLE T-shirt that sends the completely opposite message. Enter Pigtail Pals.

I'm not going to post a picture of the Pigtail Pals tee,, no, I'm going to make you go there. Click on the website to see the awesomeness of the T-shirt and if you think your daughter is a million other amazing things that have nothing to do with pretty, buy her one!

Final points score in this T-Shirt Battle: JC Penny 0 Pigtail Pals 1 bazillion

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