Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

May 13th is Mother's Day in Canada this year. The husband is out of town, so it's just me and the kid. He's already given me a wonderful hand-made card, decorated with hand-drawn Star Wars characters! I also got a handmade flower bookmark courtesy of his wonderfully creative nursery school teachers, and this morning I got a 'Greatest Mom Award' that he decorated at cooking class. The cooking class theme today was of course 'Mother's Day Tea' and we had a lovely time mixing up fruit salad, and baking orange coffee-cake.

So, this is all lovely. The 'Star Wars' card and the Mom award are pinned on the fridge of course. I'll get plenty of hugs and kisses tomorrow, and we're meeting my sister and mom for a Mother's Day picnic. But the annual showering of thanks on Mother's Day, while massively appreciated, always seems a bit funny to me. Funny, I think, because, frankly, it's me that's the thankful one. Why is he thanking me? It's nice for sure, ...I'll bet Hallmark thinks it's really nice...but honestly, I don't think he needs to thank me. I need to thank him.

I really should thank my boy for being the freaking awesome kid that he is. Like, every day.

I really am so thankful for being his mom, and here's why. Firstly, it's pretty crazy wonderful to be his mom when we're hanging out. Reading, cooking, eating, playing, cycling, tickling. When we're learning...which is pretty much always. When we're laughing and talking and giggling, or when we're sitting in silence, busy in thoughts. Either or. He makes everything so wonderful and young and fresh and curious. Thanks to him I see life through his inquisitive, open eyes, absorbing the simple beauty and amazing adventure in everyday things. We plant sunflowers, have worms as pets, collect rocks and leaves, chase butterflies, make mud pies, accumulate 'treasure'. We colour and paint and craft. Cotton balls are clouds. Q-tips are fairy wands. Pretty much everything can be a Light Saber. Words are wonderful. Songs are funny. Music is awesome and loud and a marching band. Books are magical.

Thanks to him, I am never bored. We have thumb wars and arm wrestles and play Rock, Paper Scissors. My imagination is challenged always. We cloud watch, and people watch and wonder where people in airplanes are travelling to; making up crazy stories about their families and lives. When we're driving we play eye-spy and he wins a lot. We play silly games where we pretend to be cops and 'run licence plates' on pretend computers that sound like space-ships. It's awesome.

And even when it's hard....really hard....which it can be, it's still wonderful to be his mom, because I know that whatever happens, whatever his mood, whatever the obstacle, whatever the outburst, or sulk or stubbornness is about, it will pass, and we'll get through it, out on the other side with a hug, and a kiss. I'll smooth his thick mop of hair, or stroke his back gently, or just lie next to him, side by side on his pillow, making sure he's cool - knowing that, is his safe place to be. His safe place to test out the waters, to push buttons, to face and show emotion, to challenge, to feel, To Be.

My biggest, greatest most important job in this lifetime is being his mom. His home, his ally, his champion.
It is a massive responsibility. Being in charge of the start of his life. His start. That's a huge, important deal and I'm kinda serious about it. And he doesn't need to thank me for it.

Every night before he goes to sleep, I check that he feels safe, happy, cozy and warm. That's my job. For as long as he feels safe at home, for as long as he can tell me if something is bothering him, and for as long as he  lets me hug him, he doesn't need to thank me. If he's doing okay, then I'm doing my job properly and that, all by itself, is thanks enough for me.

Happy Mother's Day x Thumbs up to moms everywhere - from this kid. Who I love an actual insane amount. : )

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