Thursday, June 28, 2012

Keep It Real

The 3-day Keep It Real Challenge, is an on-line campaign that started yesterday, June 27th, and continues today and tomorrow June 29th, designed by Miss. (and others) to confront and challenge the magazines that continue to perpetuate an unattainable and unhealthy standard of beauty through their use of photoshopped images. 

Here's my personal take on the whole thing - and it's pretty simple. Magazines need to step up and stop selling us a lie. It's a blatant and offensive lie that negatively affects how many girls and women feel about their hair, bodies, skin, face, lips, and make-up.

It's a big lie, and every month, with every issue, we keep buying into it.  Into the big photoshopped lie, selling us clothes, make-up and a lifestyle that doesn't exist. The world inside the pages of the magazines is photoshopped, airbrushed and digitally altered to create an illusion. It's not reality. It's fake. The bodies we see, the skin, hair, eyes, make-up...they are all photoshopped and airbrushed to create an image that can never be real. It's a lie that perpetuates a ridiculous thin ideal, and a narrow definition of beauty that fails to celebrate and recognize all of our wonderful differences and 'flaws'. Why do they want us to look like we don't move? Like we don't have pores? Like we just stepped out of a salon? Like porcelain dolls? Like mannequins? Why don't they just use mannequins? 

Why do they think that's what we want to see? Or what we want to look like? 

Why isn't real beauty enough? More than enough? Why aren't pores and laughter lines beautiful? Why aren't stretch marks celebrated? Why aren't we enough? Why do we need to be digitally altered to sell products? 

The thing is, we are enough, and we need to tell the magazines that we are. That women don't need to be photoshopped to oblivion for us to find each other beautiful, inspiring, enough. Let's keep it real. Let's take back the reality of our beauty. Stop the photoshopping...stop the lie...and just start being real. The lines between what's fake and real are getting blurrier, and it just has to stop. Let's demand that magazines stop photoshopping women's real beauty out of existence. We're not mannequins. We're women.

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