Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Mauve Dino Tees are here...

Well they were here! They arrived and then they flew off the shelves! 

I can't believe the positive reaction I've had so far! Thanks to everyone who has been so encouraging! 

I do still have lots of white ones left, but only a few black ones left right now. And of course, now I'm going on a vacation that we've had planned for a while, so my next order won't go in for a week or so. 
But it's all my husband says, they're not airplane parts...there's no mad rush, and hopefully people will still want the t-shirts in a week or so! 

Here are few pics of some wonderfully beautiful and smart women and girls wearing the tees! How awesome are they?

Go ahead and pin them if you like : ) Share the link! Spread the message! 
Contact me at the Mauve Dinosaur Facebook page to order, or to ask about sizing and shipping, or check out the E-Bay listing for up-to-date size availability and shipping costs. 


  1. Love the shirt!! & thanks for sponsoring my blog :) Always appreciated!

  2. Thanks Melissa! Thanks for the swap :)