Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lego Lover's Party!

Alrighty - I know I haven't blogged in MONTHS, but what can I say, the Facebook page is just more fun ; )
I came on here today though to blog the birthday party we just had for the kiddo. He's 6, and a massive Lego fan, so naturally a Lego party-planning frenzy ensued. It's such a fun and easy theme. Aside from the activities we did below, we put a giant tub of Lego in the middle of the room and that alone kept the kids entertained for ages. Here's the pictures from the party - from the invites to the games to the cake. Much of it inspired by Pinterest of course! Enjoy...

Here's an example the invite we sent out. Y'all don't need to know my address, you know, in case you come a-knocking for leftover cake, so this is the one from the Etsy store that makes them ;)

The best part about party planning is coming up with the games and activities. My oh-so talented husband made this game - Pin the Smile on the Minifigure. We just made 8 smiles for the kids to put on, blindfolded. They loved it!

I threw a bunch of Lego blocks and pieces in a plastic container and had the kids guess how many pieces were in the jar. You could give the Lego away as a prize, but I had other prizes on hand for the winners.

We had a table for quiet colouring - for the kids who weren't big 'builders' and printed off pages for the kids to design their own Minifigures. There were some awesome creations!

I picked up some Lego related prizes on sale when I saw them and then found some cool Lego wrapping paper. The kiddo also made a little holder for smaller prizes - like the suckers.

I found some Lego candy blocks at the Bulk Barn and so in addition to putting them out on the table, I also bagged some up with a little ribbon to pop into the loot bags for the kids to take home. 

 Speaking of the Loot Bags, they were super easy to make. I just cut out circles and stuck them to the front of paper bags to create a Lego block look. I think they were a hit! 

The birthday boy was super excited to help with the decorating and planning too. He made this sign for the front entrance and also the cutlery holder for the table. 

We made Lego block sandwiches, by cutting out circles (using a water bottle lid) and pressing them on with a little bit of cream cheese. The kids (and the kid's parents absolutely loved these!)

An insanely talented friend of mine made the cake! 

The kids thought it was a cool cake, and then we cut it! Look inside! Agh! Surprise! :)

My friend also made these cute cookies. There were plenty for eating at the party and then each kid also got to take one home in a little bag in their loot bag.

Our dining room table only seats 6, so we actually rented a long table and 8 chairs from a local Party Supply company, and it worked out great. I loved how everything looked when it was all set up!
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It was an awesome day - the kids had a blast. And hopefully it will be a birthday to remember for my little Lego-lover  :)

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  1. Wow this is a true lego lovers birthday bash. The cake is fantastic and the sandwiches very creative.